It is our desire to see that Dynamix Dogs is the most complete and useful management tool on the market. We have strived to see that its operations are simple, straightforward and error free. But in any endeavor this vast, you may need instructions or may find a glitch somewhere. If so, please contact us at support@dynamixdogs.com. These instructions will follow the general outline of the program, using the Menu items as our outline.


The core of the program is the pedigree database. Everything revolves around this data. Although we have included several thousand dogs in the database, the details of those dogs are not available from the Registries in which they are registered. And, they in all probability do not include your dogs. Entering your dogs, their sire and dam, and their progeny is key to making everything function. Please start by going to the “Enter New Dog” page and entering as many dogs as you can from your pedigree records. Then link them together by selecting their sire and dam and/or also entering the sire and dam.

A. Contact Us

For problems with the function of the program, please do one of the following:

  1. Browse these instructions to understand the functions of the program.
  2. If you find an error in the function of the program, contact us at support@dynamixdogs.com.
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  4. Although much of the data you enter for judges, breeding planning and health histories is private, for your use only, the program is a shared program. If it is working properly for other, the problems you are experiencing are probably with your computer, your connectivity to the internet, or something other than the program itself. Please check out other possibilities before contacting us. We are not responsible for issues beyond our control.

For problems with the function of the program, please do one of the following:

B. About Dynamix Dogs

Dynamix Dogs is a shared program. It is cloud based so that it is available to every subscriber at all times. If there is a problem with the program it is a problem for everyone not just for one subscriber. We will make every effort to fix any problems as soon as possible. We cannot however, fix your computer, address issues of your connectivity or fix your breakfast. Although you can invite us to breakfast at your house if you live close enough. The scope of our responsibility does not include other than the program itself.

C. View Profile

Please enter your personal data into the profile form. This data is kept completely confidential and is not shared with any other program, advertiser or government agency. We value your privacy and are committed to it. You can change your password at any time and you are not restricted as to what you want your password to be. You do not have to use any formula that we dictate. It is up to you. You can also update your profile at any time. This information is for administrative purposes only and is not available to other subscribers.

2. Dog Management:

  A. Enter New Dog:

Start by selecting your breed in the breed selection drop down. If your breed does not appear it may not be recognized by one of the major registries. This program is designed for the purebred dog enthusiast and may not be suitable for rare breeds, designer dogs or mixed breeds. The prefix title selection tool and the suffix selection tool, allows you to select the approved titles recognized by AKC and other major registries. New titles are occasionally approved by these registries and we will endeavor to include them as they are approved. If you do not find the title listed, you may select “Other” to indicate that a title exists. Unapproved titles, by other than major registries, will not be included. Carefully enter the information from your registration into the provided box. Please, please, check the spelling to make sure that only the official name from your registration papers is entered and spelled correctly. We are not responsible for errors in entered information.

  1. 1) Upload Picture. At the bottom of this page is a picture entry button. The program will accommodate one picture per dog. This will allow you to select a picture from your computer files and upload it to the program. This should be a profile picture, preferably from a dog show. You can include this picture on your printed pedigree when you view and/or print your pedigree.
  2. 2) Select Sire and Dam. The “Select Sire and/or Dam” box will open a drop down that will allow you to link the sire and dam of your dog in the pedigree database. Make sure you are selecting the sire and/or dam as they appear on your registration papers. Since this is a shared database, it is important that this information is correct. Please do not guess!

For problems with the function of the program, please do one of the following:

B. Health Histories:

The health histories database is restricted to the user who entered the data. Other users will not see this information. It is confidential and private. It allows you to keep a private record and to use it in future breeding decisions or share it by private mail, email or other means outside of this program as you choose. You can enter data and keep it confidential or share it as you choose.

C. Pedigree:

Carefully enter the information from your registration into the provided box. Please, please, check the spelling to make sure that only the official name from your registration papers is entered and spelled correctly. We are not responsible for errors in entered information. Other users cannot change the information you enter. It can only be changed by the administrator. The administrator is old and crotchety, and does not want to spend their leisure time correcting data errors, so get it right. If you do find something wrong, you can contact the administrator at: admin@dynamixdogs.com. Please document your data and the need for the change. We will only change data that has registration data attached.

D. Calendar:

The Calendar is for your use in keeping all of your hobby data in one place. It will accommodate your show schedule, appointments, travel plans and other items of importance to you. This information is also restricted to the user only. It is not public information and is not shared with other users on the system. It will not, however, wake you up, get you dressed of shove you out the door to get to your appointments. Certain limitations apply!

3. Dog Certifications

These certifications are limited to those recognized by the Major Registries. We are aware that there are many web sites and organizations that provide certifications for various purposes, but it is impossible to accommodate all of them or to stay current on their genesis. This information is specifically designed to accommodate health related and recorded tests from OFA and a few recognized health testing organizations. If your test and organization is listed, please select it. If not, please select “Other.” You may list this information on your pedigree entry if a blank is provided. Otherwise these are private records for the user only.

4. Breeding Plans

This planning tool is also restricted to the user only. It is confidential and is not shared with other users. The 5 boxes under the name of the Dam is for the user to select prospective sires and then list their qualities, faults and phenotype information. This is to act as a comparative study for selecting the best sire in the selection process. This is purely subjective information from the mind of the breeder/user and is not shared with others. It is the users record of data to be evaluated in the making of a breeding decision. The note pad at the bottom of the page is for notes the user wants to retain in that decision-making process.

5. Phenotype

This tool is also restricted and is for the use of the user only. You can share this information as you choose, but the program retains it for you as private information. This is your record of the standard for your breed and how a specific dog measures up to that standard. Since each breed has its own standard, we cannot list all of the standards or their characteristics on this form. This is your personal evaluation of your dog or dogs, in a recorded form.

6. Show Management


E. Show Entries

The Show Entries page allows you to bring up a dog and enter their data into an entry form for a coming show. Entry forms are presented for several registries. All you need to do is enter the data and print the form and send it. You can also save the form for that dog and reuse it for the next show, just by changing the dates and location.

F. Financial Management

The financial management form is pre-filled in for the dog show and hobby breeder, with categories for related expenses and income. This is an Excel spread sheet and it will save to your computer under a file you create. This of course, assumes that you have Excel on your computer. You can use it in your travels or your dog hobby. All you need to do is change the dates to update the month you want to save it for. The idea is to have all of your dog related documents in one place.

G. Show Records

The Show Records page is also restricted. It is for the user only and is not available on the internet or to the public. This is where you enter a dog, show the results of their shows and save them. It also updates point and let’s you see the progress of the dog or dogs you are campaigning.

7. My Contacts

The My Contacts page is a record system of your dog hobby related contacts. You can enter all of your contact information in this file. It is restricted to the user only, so it is also confidential and private. You contacts are never shared with anyone else unless you do so. We hope that you find this offering the very best dog management tool on the market and that it will be of value to you in your hobby, business or kennel interests. We are planning for some major additions in the month ahead, including a Mobile App and other additions. Our Motto is: Never Stop Improving.


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